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Day 5, 6 & 7 – The Laundry Room Makeover

December 22, 2012
The Cabinet - After

Well, it is time.  I have mentioned in my first post about a List, the List that is going to whip this house (and me!) in shape.  I am determined to “unclutter” and “clean” my house and while I am at it, my life will “unclutter” and “clean” as well.  So, the List started on Tuesday, with the Laundry Room. Read more…


Day 4 – Christmas Cards (and Thank you cards!)

December 18, 2012
Christmas Cards

Well… so, not only am I a bad wife, sometimes I am just bad at etiquette too!  So many rules, so little time – how on earth did folks keep up with this stuff when there wasn’t Google?

Confession time: Hubby and I got married on April 14th, 2012 and I have yet to send out Thank You cards for all the wonderful gifts we received.  Very very bad.

Part of me thinks at times I can be a little bit like an ostrich.  If you burying your head, then the problem doesn’t exist anymore… RIGHT?!?!  Wrong.  So, I went weeks, then months and nearly 7 months later… I wrote a List.  And darnit, those thank you cards were still on there.  Today, I crossed them off the list!

How did I do it?  Well, I combined it with one of my favorite activities.  Christmas Cards.  That’s right folks, proper etiquette or not, I merged my Thank You cards with Christmas cards (its pretty much the same list of people anyways) and sent them two cards for the price of one stamp!  Everyone got our very first Christmas Card as a married couple, with a sweet “~The Vakils” at the end and a personal handwritten Thank You card (on the note cards I purchased back in May with our Engagement “Thank you” pose).

Since my little hand doesn’t do much writing day to day, writing personal messages on both the Christmas Card and Thank You card seemed like torture.  So, instead I used these lovely little stamps that I picked up 50% off at Michael’s today and stamped my way to some adorable personalized Christmas Cards and saved the heavy writing for those Thank You cards instead. Read more…

Day 3 – Chocolate Pretzel Christmas Buttons

December 18, 2012
The Final Product

So, I have mentioned this before in our About Me page, but dear Hubby and I both work outside of the home and oddly enough, for the same company and in the same department (even though technically, we don’t actually “work” together).  We do however, interact with many of the same friends and co-workers on a daily basis.  What this means is that around this time of year, I am always on the lookout for Christmas gifts to give our co-workers that are simple, unique and won’t break the bank as we have a list of nearly 50+ folks that will be getting them this year!  This is our first year as an official married couple, so I wanted to start out right.

I stumbled upon the following idea and absolutely fell in love with how simple the concept was!  Off to the grocery store and after 4 hours, we had a special handmade snack ready for delivery the very next morning.  Chocolate Pretzel Christmas Buttons.  Yep, you heard me, chocolate and pretzels, you can’t possibly go wrong here. Read more…

Day 2 – Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

December 16, 2012
Top 10 Laundry Tips & Tricks

My oh my, why does my husband never have clean undershirts to wear!?!  Obviously, because I haven’t done the laundry.  And why you ask have I not done the laundry, because once I do and I fold and carry everything to the room to be put away – THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH ROOM IN THE DRAWERS.

So, I don’t do laundry very often.  Yep I said it.  Bad wife.

The point of this post is to collect a system of “How to do Laundry” for us novices who seem to send their loved ones into the world without a clean undershirt to wear.  Here is 10 Tips & Tricks I have implemented to ease the stresses of laundry. Read more…

Day 1 – Why The Rookie Housewife

December 15, 2012

Good Morning Internet –

I suppose this is a debut – I am not sure if anyone will ever see this blog, but I wanted to put my words out there as to why I have decided to start The Rookie Housewife. I suppose I should start by saying that I am not a Stay at Home Mom. In fact, I am not technically a Mom yet – unless you count our two four-legged children and to be frank, they are pretty spoiled (Bailey is 9 years old and Asa is 6 years old).

Many of my friends are long married, kids (some have three little ones running around already!) and have settled into what it means to be a wife, a mother and general keeper of the home. I am a little slow in that development arena :)…

Hence this blog. What I found is that out of the hundreds of housewife blogs out there, none seemed to focus on those of us not drilled in the art of couponing, or how to keep a home and cook for two instead of five, and general time and household management skills when both you and your spouse travel for work. That is going to be my focus.

How to be a “9-5 working, traveling, obsessively detailed oriented, but just doesn’t seem to find enough time in the day to cook a proper meal” Housewife

Here is the fun part. For the next 8 weeks, I get to be a true Stay at Home Wife. We are going to call it Project Rookie Housewife and I have a List. A list that is going to snap this house in shape, a list that I will share with you everyday as I walk through tips and tricks for laundry, cooking, home decor and crafts. Today is Day 1, today’s task is to figure out how to wash, dry, fold and most importantly PUT AWAY all that laundry that seems to pile up each week!

Maybe by the end of this training camp, I can claim some sort of Housewife status. In the meantime, I hope you will join me on this journey and if you are interested, leave a comment!


Be Back Soon…

November 25, 2012

Cannot wait to get started… please join us on December 15th!