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Day 17 – Our Family Travel Map

January 1, 2013

Ever since we painted our office (nearly 6 years ago) I had plans for the really big empty wall behind the desk.  I wanted a Travel Map to hang and display all the amazing places that I wanted to travel to and a place to mark where I had been.  Never quite go around to that project and eventually that room ended up looking like this

Enter Project Rookie Housewife and my plan was not only to get the office back in shape, but I went online and ordered that map we needed to make our very own Family Travel Map.  Take a look at the overall Office Makeover post from yesterday.  I wanted to share the new Travel Map that we hung up on that big empty wall.

The Supplies:

  • World Map (or other region if your travels are more centrally located)
  • Cork Squares or leftover corkboard
  • Large Poster-sized Frame
  • Map Pins
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors or exacto-knife

Travel Map Supplies

The Process:

Step 1: Remove any glass from the frame.  I ended up finding a huge collage poster frame at Michaels for nearly 70% off on sale.  It was nearly the perfect size, and simple black.  Fun part was that it came with plastic, not glass.  Remove that, since the map pins will be quite unnecessary with he glass still in.

Step 2: Mount Cork to backboard of frame.  I took out the back board and started to line up the 12 in x 12 in cork squares and cut to size.  A little spray adhesive and the cork is mounted.  At this point I noticed my little supervisor in the doorway.  Isn’t my little man cute!2_Supervision

Step 3: Adhere the Map to the Cork Board.  Once the cork is adhered to the backboard, the map needs to be mounted on the cork.  Little more spray adhesive needed!

Travel Map

Step 4: Hang that beautiful Map on the Wall and start pinning!


Map pins are on order.  I picked up some really cute 1/4″ inch pins at Office Depot yesterday and Hubby and I had fun putting our “travels” up on the map.  I have special silver pins on the way to document our future travels soon!


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