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Day 14 – Wrapping Paper Shelf Solution

December 30, 2012

I mentioned on my last post that I will be joining in on the New Year’s REVOLUTION, four weeks to clean and organize four areas of our houses.  The first week starts off with the office and our office is in desperate need of organization.  This used to be my favorite room.  Honestly, it it one of the only rooms we have painted since moving in and my father (Mr. Handy) helped turn the closet into a huge built-in shelving unit!  Alas, 7 years after this project and several piles of paper, a wedding and tons of junk mail and our office was officially out of control.

I have started to tackle the clutter in the room and will save all the crazy “before” and amazing “after” photos for my REVOLUTION post. However, I did want to share one of the smaller organization improvements I made.  Wrapping paper – I LOVE wrapping paper and I have way too much of it laying around.  It desperately needed a “place” in the office and I turned to that lovely built in shelving unit to fins a spot.  I had been laying each of those rolls on top of two storage bins that I have on the bottom of the closet.  it seemed out of the way and easy to hide, but when I wanted to get inside one of those bins (one of which is home to all my crafting supplies) I would inevitably end up with 15 rolls of wrapping paper on the floor of the room.  Yikes!

Wrapping Paper Solution - Before

The location is still great, it just needed a small improvement.  Then I was wondering around Walmart this afternoon and I found my $2 fix!  Two 97 cent curtain rods later and we have a solution!

The Under the Shelf Wrapping Paper Storage Solution

The Supplies

  • (2) 18 inch curtain rods
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver

The Process

Step 1: Drill Pilot Holes – The wood we used for the shelf unit is fairly old.  Needless to say, I almost always have to drill pilot holes before I am able to install anything in this house.  This part usually ended up with me having a ton of little wood bits all over my hair and face :).

Step 2: Install Hooks – I placed each of the 18 inch curtain rods approximately 24 inches apart underneath the shelf.  We even used the support beams for this shelf for additional clearance.

Wrapping Paper Solution - Supplies

Step3: Install Curtain rods and start hanging Wrapping Paper!  This part is pretty self explanatory.

The Final Product

Wrapping Paper Solution - After

That’s it folks.  Easy peasy.  Two dollars and 20 minutes later and we were sporting an organization solution that allows me to get in and out of those storage bins without wrapping paper ending up everywhere.

What do you think?  Does anyone have any other neat ideas for wrapping paper storage?


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