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Day 9 – Christmas Card Display

December 23, 2012
Christmas Card Board

I have been diving in head first into the wonderful world of blogging.  There are so many amazing ideas out there and lovely people who are sharing their craftiness, organizational tips, recipes and everything else that a rookie like me can fall in love with!  Today, I was struggling to find a way to display our Christmas Cards that we have gotten in the mail.  Thought a nifty little ribbon would work wonders, but I just couldn’t find the right place to hang it without it looking lonely.

Then I stumbled on Momtastic’s Christmas Card Holder and BAM! I was inspired :)…

Here’s the supplies (NOTE: I used wrapping paper instead of fabric since I was already wrapping last minute gifts for under the tree!):

Christmas Card Board Supplies

Looks simple right?  I used our FABULOUS reversible wrapping paper from Costco (who doesn’t just LOVE Costco?) so that I could make two or three boards in coordinating paper.

Then, a little tape, wrapping paper, two-sided tape hanging strips and a cute little bow and we have an adorable place to pin our Christmas cards this year.  All this for under $2 in supplies!

Christmas Card Board on the wall

This was a perfect craft for Christmas Eve Eve.  Pour me a little egg nog and I am settled in watching the Sound of Music on TV and folding the laundry.  Any last minute crafts and decorating going on out there?


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