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Day 4 – Christmas Cards (and Thank you cards!)

December 18, 2012
Christmas Cards

Well… so, not only am I a bad wife, sometimes I am just bad at etiquette too!  So many rules, so little time – how on earth did folks keep up with this stuff when there wasn’t Google?

Confession time: Hubby and I got married on April 14th, 2012 and I have yet to send out Thank You cards for all the wonderful gifts we received.  Very very bad.

Part of me thinks at times I can be a little bit like an ostrich.  If you burying your head, then the problem doesn’t exist anymore… RIGHT?!?!  Wrong.  So, I went weeks, then months and nearly 7 months later… I wrote a List.  And darnit, those thank you cards were still on there.  Today, I crossed them off the list!

How did I do it?  Well, I combined it with one of my favorite activities.  Christmas Cards.  That’s right folks, proper etiquette or not, I merged my Thank You cards with Christmas cards (its pretty much the same list of people anyways) and sent them two cards for the price of one stamp!  Everyone got our very first Christmas Card as a married couple, with a sweet “~The Vakils” at the end and a personal handwritten Thank You card (on the note cards I purchased back in May with our Engagement “Thank you” pose).

Since my little hand doesn’t do much writing day to day, writing personal messages on both the Christmas Card and Thank You card seemed like torture.  So, instead I used these lovely little stamps that I picked up 50% off at Michael’s today and stamped my way to some adorable personalized Christmas Cards and saved the heavy writing for those Thank You cards instead.

Step 1: Stamp!  I went with this gorgeous green and red ink and fancy clear stamps that said “Merry Christmas” for the inside of the Christmas Card and “Wishing you a Sparkling Holiday” on the back of the envelope.

Stamp Supplies

Step 2: Add a personal touch.  Now I mentioned my little hands were pooped, but I had to add a little something personal, so I decided to sign just “~The Vakils” to each card in green ink.  It’s the first time I get to sign that this year!

Add a Personal Touch

Step 3: Addresses, addresses, addresses.  One of my List items is to translate our “Wedding Master Spreadsheet” into actual contacts on our computer.  For now, our address book lives in excel and works pretty nicely since not many folks have moved since we sent them our wedding invitations last year.  Additionally, during the wedding invitation project, I got pretty darn good at using our home laser printer to print out envelopes with return addresses to boot!  So, I cheated and used an old file from the invitation folder to jump start my Christmas Card envelopes.  Just a little change to the paper size and add ornament clipart to the return address and Voila!  I was ready to print, print, print.

Step 4: Stuff those Cards.  This part was a little tricky because of my ever clever merged Thank-You-Oh-By-the-Way-It’s-Christmas Cards.  I had to match the Christmas Card, to the Thank You Card to the Envelope address.  Had to make sure Uncle Don doesn’t end up with Aunt Laura’s Thank You!

Step 5: Stamp and Mail.  I stood in line yesterday at the post office for nearly 45 minutes waiting to get some Christmas themed stamps.  Had I planned better, I would have done this NOT on the busiest shipping day of the year.  Alas, the procrastinator’s curse.  However, I think the wait was worth it, just look how adorable these came out!

The Final Cards

Since I was out and about, and checking items off the Wedding Stuff List – I figured I would drop my wedding dress in the mail for the gown preservation service that Mom bought me.  That’s three items off the List today!

Mail Wedding Gown for preservation
Pick photos for wedding album
Christmas Cards / New Year’s Cards – this was depending on how quickly I got them mailed 🙂
Convert Addresses Spreadsheet to Outlook

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have those crossed off.  Good news, a little Google search and I am in the clear – apparently it is NEVER too late to send a Thank You card as long as you address the tardiness, which I did – HA!  Tell me, how do you keep up with all those little tasks you try to avoid?  Has anyone got me beat on my 7 months late Thank You cards?


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